Welcome to the Communication and Media Arts Department of the University of St. Francis.

Some answers upfront:

Students: Yes, you will get to play with lots of video, audio and design equipment and software with a bunch of similarly-minded friends. 

Parents: Yes, your son or daughter will BE ABLE TO FIND A LUCRATIVE JOB after he or she graduates. Every company, nonprofit organization and government entity wants employees who can think independently and communicate ideas clearly. Check out the results of this Chronicle of Higher Education survey.

We know that a CMMA degree from USF arms our graduates with big-picture theory and a flexible, useful set of skills transferrable to any industry.  For more of our rant on convergence, go here.

We have completely renovated the WCSF FM Radio Station!  Please browse our online gallery to see the demo and reno pictures.

Feel free to wander around the CMMA department to see where you fit in. Click Here for a brief video of the Journalism/MCOM/CMMA 40th Anniversary Celebration on September 24.

The Blog

Posted By: Dr. Scott Marshall

Welcome to 2018.  A new year.  Markers of change like this often come with a balance of hope and dread: some hopes turn in to reality, but many of

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Posted By: Mr. Brien McHugh

First of all, please join me in congratulating Don Burke on another great Spirit of Christmas season. Thank you! Thank you!

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Posted By: Mr. Richard Lorenc

Last Saturday night, four of my former University of St.

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Posted By: Ms. Terre Layng Rosner

Sometimes I wonder what my students are thinking. Even though I’ve been a student myself, for the past 5 years, I am a different kind of student.

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Posted By: Mr. Brien McHugh

High School seniors and parents of high school seniors are in that in-between time: where early admission letters have been sent out but regular ad

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