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Everything old is new again.......

Fall: the smell of the crisp air, the colorful changing of the leaves, the roar of the crowd at a college football game and… the annual WCSF Mega Music Rummage Sale!

On October 19th, at 8:00am, the line of anxious music collectors and bargain hunters will file into the Assembly Hall located on our St. Clare campus gymnasium to be greeted by numerous boxes of pre-loved vinyl records, compact discs, DVDs, VHS, 8-tracks, sheet music, cassettes, music books, sheet music, instruments, stereo equipment, comic books and anything else donated by our invaluable WCSF listeners. All of these items will be priced below market value and the sale will raise funds to keep our college radio station operational.

The WCSF staff have been collecting these treasures since the beginning of the year. The staff has visited the homes of listeners to pick up these items climbing up and down stairs, digging through basements, and lifting large boxes just to bring the shopper a plethora of cool, pre-loved items for our annual sale. The WCSF listeners were eager to give their favorite record album, sheet music, music book, instrument or whatever item, a new home to another WCSF listener all in the spirit of passing along their passion.

One of the homes the WCSF staff visited to pick up a donation was that of a man in his late eighties who had a basement full of recording equipment. In early 1970s, he and his wife were enamored by a local Joliet musical group that played cover songs. The group would play various venues around the Chicagoland area and beyond, so the man decided to invest in recording equipment to document the group. He said he even followed the group to Canada and Mexico on one of their concert tours just to record them. He did not record the group for money, he did so because they never released an album and he wanted to listen to their music on demand at his leisure. The man explained that is too old to do any more recording now, so he donated his recording equipment to our rummage sale. As we carried his heavy eight track reel to reel machine out of his basement, he gave it a few pats and told the machine it served him well and he wished the next user would appreciate it as much as he did.

Why not donate something  to our rummage sale that you’ve appreciated and let someone else hopefully get the same (or greater) appreciation as you did ? The old adage says: you can’t take it with you, but you can give it a good home.

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