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Test Driving An Internship

The second semester is just around the corner, and for some CMMA students that means it’s time to intern. 

Internships gives you, the student, a chance to explore the real world of “working in the field” while gaining valuable experience.  You’ve studied the subject in school, and the internship is the time to apply the knowledge and take your future career out for a test drive.

Apply to internships at companies that you can visualize yourself working at. What is it about this company that is interesting to you? What does the company do that you like?  Research the company in advance. Read recent company press releases and social media postings, navigate around their website; find some commonality that you have with the company. Let them know this in your cover letter that accompanies your awesome resume and secure an interview. Show them at that you are the perfect candidate!

Once you're ccepted as an intern,  you now have the task of convincing the company that you have skills that they can’t live without. You have to show that you are worth more to them than just a college student who can stuff envelopes, or assist an executive with navigating around the latest version of iOS. You’re not there to waste your time, nor are you there to waste their time.

Show them you are priceless. Work as hard as you can, assist anyone in the company that can use your assistance, volunteer for tasks others in the company don’t want to do; be accurate by checking your work. Be polite to everyone and thank people for the opportunities presented to you. Make a great impression! Market yourself! There are many others out there who will apply for the same job, but you need to give your future employer that extra reason as to why they need to hire you.  Network with people at your internship: you never know where they’ll end up next and maybe there’s a chance they will take you along.   Even if they don’t have a position for you at that time, stay in contact with the company. Something may open up in the near future and you want to be the person they think of for the position first. 

Internships are a great opportunity to test drive a career. If you don’t like the intership, move on and try something else using your skills and knowledge. At least you can add the work experience to your resume and maybe you will have made a few fans along the way. If you do like the work, do whatever you can to turn the internship into a full time position. Do it for you: you're worth it. 




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