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Hmmmm….let’s see. What stupid things have happened this week that I can snarkily comment on….

Ah, here we go. Can you guess who this quote is about?

“He looks really amazing,” Wyatt said. “He’s down to 195 pounds. He hasn’t eaten any bread, no dessert, and he hasn’t drank any coffee. And the funny thing is Mrs. __________ has been trying to get him to stop drinking coffee for 55 years, and it took this to get him to stop drinking coffee.”

Yes,  America’s favorite TV dad and Jello spokesperson has quit drinking coffee.

As I read this throwaway story online I thought to myself, in that very meme-able voice, “What?”

Bill Cosby’s attorney, Andrew Wyatt, gave a television interview recently where he insinuated that Cosby’s prison stay is little more than a self-imposed “juice cleanse.” (And yes, the ugly, rude, double-entendre is intended.)

Make no mistake, I fully support the “innocent until proven guilty” tenet of the American justice system. It’s what separates us from those incorrigible British.

However, this guy was tried, convicted and sentenced to ‘3 – 10 in a state pen’ for three counts of aggravated indecent assault. A parade of witnesses testified to Cosby’s behavior over the course of decades. At the end of the trial it was sad to see the bent, shuffling old man that he had become led off in handcuffs. But it was justice.

Fast forward….Cliff Huxtable fans, rejoice! Your man is paying his dues and getting strong and healthy! JK

Cosby’s downfall created a whiplash moment for me. Back in the late 90’s, I was the marketing guy for the Rialto Square Theater; a beautiful 1920’s movie-palace-turned-performing-arts-venue here in Joliet. We had booked Bill Cosby at the Rialto to perform 2 shows in one day. To be fair, we paid him a LOT of money (plus fuel for his chartered jet) and two shows in one day was the only way we could make the economics work. Cosby sold out both shows and we all profited from it.

What I remember, though, was the way Cosby took control of the audience from the moment he stepped on stage. No props. No pyrotechnics. No special guests. No video. No intermission. Just Cosby, a microphone and a comfy chair. And he held the audience in the palm of his hand for two solid hours. Four, if you count both shows. He was a remarkable performer. But, I guess, we all have our dark sides. And his dark side is reprehensible. At least he won't have the caffeine jitters.

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