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I got yer stinkin’ convergence right here!

Well, we’re finally doing it… least we’re finally starting to do it. Or, better yet, we are finally attempting to start to do it. We are taking the great leap to try to run all of our media management classes in the same place at the same time to foster cooperation and convergence.


Picture, if you will, a media organization that has three heads: audio/online, video/online and print/online. Students write an article for print that can be repurposed for audio, video and online. Or….a student shoots an video interview with a campus security guard to be shown during an episode of “Exploring Joliet” our video newsmagazine. Resize the video for posting online, strip the audio out for a radio feature….and post a transcript of the interview on the print publication's website.

That’s convergence, my friend.


It’s not like we haven’t been doing things like that…..we just do it after-the-fact. Now we are, I fervently hope, thinking about it before-the-fact and using our resources more efficiently. And all the while students are getting valuable practice in thinking ahead, planning ahead and executing the plan as envisioned.


It will be a messy, squishy process until we can figure out how things will work. But it’s a necessary step in our student’s education….because that’s what it’s like out in that cold, cruel world.

And here’s a good example of what I mean from the New York Times. Someone had the idea to compare the songs played at many of the political rallies in this primary season. As a print piece, it might be a little dull and cumbersome. But as a multi-media piece that marries design, infographics, audio playlists, photography and some intelligent writing, this piece rocks. Check it out: New York Times Presidential Rally Songs. (NYT lets you view a limited number of articles for free each month. This would count against your total…if you care.)

So join with me…say it loud and say it proud….”CONVERGENCE!!!”

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