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I've been meme-ing to mention this...

ParkeyThough the Bears’ last-second loss to Philadelphia is still painful to even think about, I have to marvel at the speed with which those intrepid trolls of the internet have combined a popular meme with the sad-sack ineptitude of kicker Cody Parkey. Talk about your convergence!

Within hours of the loss on Sunday evening, the internet was positively teeming with references to Parkey completing the “Bird Box” challenge.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or have the good sense to not pay attention to social media, the “Bird Box” challenge is based on a recently-released, Netflix-produced movie, starring Sandra Bullock. In the movie, some creepy supernatural force is roaming the land. Like any good horror movie, you don’t really get a glimpse of this monster but you know it’s there because the unfortunate people who look at it in the eyes have a tendency to commit suicide.

Sandra Bullock is a mother trying to protect her children by blindfolding them (and herself) while trying to get out of the reach of the monster. The suspense of the movie comes (so I’m told) by watching a sightless Bullock in treacherous situations.Parkey

The social media phenomenon of the “Bird Box” challenge – much like the Mentos and Cola challenge or the tablespoon of cinnamon challenge – features videos of people being stupid. They blindfold themselves and try to walk the dog, go for a jog, shovel snow, move from room to room and other normal life activities with predictable results. There’s even a video of a mother and two kids who, in going from one room to another, run smack dab into the wall. Hilarity ensues.

So, I guess it was inevitable that Parkey would get memed. In a brilliant bit of “old & new,” a hapless yet insightful Chicago sports fan has combined Parkey with another infamous Chicago sports demon: Bartman! It seems the two are now joined in history.

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