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No, it isn’t what you think. It’s a new-ish term for something that many college seniors are dreading at this time of year. It means having to put on your big boy/big girl pants and doing all the stuff that adults do. No, not the fun stuff but the nitty-gritty, real-life stuff like finding a job, buying a car, rent, moving, cable bills and all that other mess.Is this what being an adult looks like?

I heard the term “adulting” from a guest speaker in my Nonprofit Advertising and Communication class this morning. It’s a class that is, primarily, seniors and taught every other year, here at the university. My guest speaker was an alumna who took the class the last time it was taught, in Spring 2015.

My guest speaker was only 2 years removed from the fears and anxieties that permeated my classroom of soon-to-be-graduated seniors this morning…but, I have to admit, her ‘adulting’ transformation was pretty remarkable. She has found a thing to be passionate about in her work life and seems to have developed an excellent balance to her personal life.

I will concede that some seniors are looking forward to getting out of school and into the real world. In fact, deep down I feel that most of the other graduates are probably glad to be getting on with their lives, even if they are frightfully anxious about what that life will look like…..

…which was why my guest speaker’s appearance today was so fortunate. She gave  solid, straightforward advice on interviewing, salary negotiations, commuting, insurance, retirement plans…stuff that I haven’t had to deal with in a long time. My students truly appreciated it….probably the most useful class in their college career.

Thanks Kelly. You seem to have this “adulting’ thing nailed.

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