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It’s not what you think. It’s not a political ideology or a former FBI director. Commy is a communication major at St. Francis.  Do you think it will catch on?

It’s kind-of like our argument about changing the name of our department from Mass Communication (MCOM) to Communication & Media Arts (COMA, as in, “Whoa, look like you’re in a coma.”) We eventually settled on CMMA, as in “Hey sis, look, I see ma.” It doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as coma, though.

Anyway, I invite all commys, alumni, high school students, parents and anyone else interested in the communication field as a career option, to attend our second annual “So you’ve got a communication degree….Now what?” presentation from 5-7 in the Turk theater on our main campus.

Alumni from USF’s CMMA, MCOM & Journalism programs come back to talk about how they’ve used their comm degrees to chart their career path. We’ve got an excellent line-up too:

Pat Keating '94
Two-time Emmy winning Videographer
ABC-TV Chicago

Jennifer Marentic-Bredeson ‘07
Traffic Director
Alpha Media, Joliet

Hannah Tadey '17
Electronic Marketing Associate
M/I Homes of Chicago, LLC

And we are still working on another two or three presenters. Light refreshments will be served as well.

So, if you are a student interested in what you can do with a comm degree, a parent interested in what their son or daughter can do with a comm degree or a USF alumni interested in what some of your classmates are doing now, please circle March 22 on your calendar. RSVP to me:

This event is hosted by the Communication and Media Arts Department and the Mass Communication Alumni Network.

See you on March 22!

P.S. “Cold War Unicorns” has nothing to do with this post other than I found it while searching for “Commie.” So sue me, you commie! Photo by Jeffrey Rowland

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