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We’re about 2/3rds finished with summer break and I thought I’d catch you up on things that have happened around the CMMA department.

Professor Rosner presented her research on the convergence (or lack of convergence) of Art/Design/Communication programs at colleges and universities at a prestigious conference in Hawaii. Haven’t heard any of the details yet but I’m hoping she brought back a spam poke for us. (Look it up.)

Professor Lorenc hasn’t caught any big fish yet and, more importantly, hasn’t learned the opening riff from “Hot Smoke ‘n Sassafras” by Bubble Puppy.

Professor Marshall has been in and out, working (I hope) on the back-to-school issue of The Encounter.

Anthony Musiala has been diligently in the radio station at least 2-3 times per week, training the staff and collecting musical memorabilia for the 2nd annual Mega Music Sale: date TBD. By the way, did you know that cassette tapes are making a comeback? Who knew?

My proudest achievement has been finishing a half-barrel of beer in 8 days. (Yes, I had help. A lot of it.)

Most importantly, here’s a career update on several recent graduates:

  • Brandon N. (2016) accepted a position as the Media Coordinator for Cancer Support Center in Homewood.
  • Madison A. (2015) just took a Comm position at the Bolingbrook Chamber of Commerce. Abi B. (2018) is interning there as well.  Madison will also be returning to teach the evening CMMA 142 Speech class in the fall.
  • Adriana R. (2014) campaigned for, and won, a Marketing Assistant position at First Midwest Bank.
  • Hannah T. (2017) is a Marketing and Communication Specialist at M/I Homes' Midwest office in Naperville.

More updates as they become available. MCOM/CMMA Alumni, please send your info to me at Send along a picture of you at work in front of a company logo and I will immortalize you in promotional poster form. See you-all in the fall

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