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There is a saying, attributed to Confucius, “May you live in interesting times.” It’s not meant as a blessing but more of a curse. We are living in interesting times, aren’t we?

As I sat in my backyard, sipping an adult beverage and pondering the state of recent events, I was struck with a wild thought. Like him, or not, Donald Trump has accomplished something we haven’t seen in a decade: Democrats and Republicans are actually agreeing on some things.

Granted, they are agreeing on their disapproval of some of the president’s actions and not on any real legislation…but hey, it’s a start.


This snippet of a conversation could have been overheard on the steps of the US capitol building last week:

Democratic Congressman,  “You suck.”

Republican Congressman, “I know you do but what about me.”

Democratic Congressman, “Hey, no fair.”

Republican Congressman, “Boo-hoo. Go call a wahmbulance.”

Democratic Congressman, “Hah, that’s a good one. How about that skinny repeal vote?”

Republican Congressman, “Yeah, that was crazy wasn’t it?”

Democratic Congressman, “Sure was. Hey, want to share a taxi?”


I said, could have been overheard. We can dream, can’t we?

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