Here we go again, 39 years YIKES!

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Here we go again, 39 years YIKES!

I can’t believe that the fall 2017 semester is upon us.  When I began my career at St. Francis I was only 26 years old.  Now, I’m starting my 39th year at the University.

Some things remain the same.  I’m still teaching classes in public speaking and video production.  Also, I continue to serve as the Advisor to the USF-TV club and Executive Producer for the University’s cable television program, Exploring Joliet.  Even though I am officially at full retirement age, my students help me keep my passion for teaching. 

Some things have changed.  Many of my former colleagues have retired and I miss them dearly.  Some good news is the TV Club just purchased a new video camera and the managers are planning to purchase a video drone in the next few weeks.  I’m sure we will get to use it before the weather changes.

My hope this semester is that students produce thought provoking new stories about key issues regarding protests in the streets, the value of free expression, and immigration reform.

I would like students to do meaningful editorials so their voices can be heard and issues can be debated in an open marketplace of ideas that is so essential on a college campus.  We must keep in mind the true value of free expression and that the First Amendment is FIRST for a reason. 

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