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Beauty and Ethnicity

As I have proposed “beauty” is neurological, subjective and culturally constructed. Most of us realize without extensive self-reflection, our level of attractiveness which is typically based on our experiences. Generally, we are painfully aware, early in life’s journey, where we rate on the beauty spectrum. For the fortunate few, beauty is effortless and an arbitrary compilation of body and facial elements matching a socially accepted norm.

The plethora of voluntary medical procedures altering one’s facial and body features attests to our need to achieve subjective beauty. Breast augmentation, mommy-lifts, nose-jobs, wrinkle and aging eradication, etc. are all typical (regrettable or not) more prevalent than ever before. Even body modifications that emulate fantasy and science-fiction “creaturing” like prosthetic forehead horns and so forth is possible with plastic surgery. Interesting that beauty is overwhelmingly defined by an individual’s tribe.

Our tribe constitutes family and friends, but also familial strangers. Strangers we meet on social media around the world. Consequently, defining a “world” standard for beauty is difficult. The attached video link tracks the photoshopping of one particular female changing her apparent ethnicity by slight but meaningful alterations to her facial features and coloring. The resulting imaging estimates the ethnic consensus of difference.

Surprisingly, these alterations are not as significant as I expected. I’m wondering what that means…#beauty and body image, #ethnic beauty, #plastic surgery, #beauty tribes

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