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Hey, Hey, Holy Mackerel—The Cubs Are On Their Way! (There's always next year...)

I cannot remember a time where I was more excited about baseball then in the last three weeks (except maybe when I was playing softball myself as a beneficiary of Title IX). Yes, my friends, the Chicago Cubs are in the NLDS (National League Division Series) and I am ecstatic, as are thousands of Cubs fans around the country. Why all the excitement by fans who aren’t even close to the vicinity of Chicago, Illinois?

To answer that, let’s step back a few decades…

WGN-Channel 9 (in Chicago) made a deal with the Cubs to broadcast baseball games on their network in a multi-decade contract. Therefore, the Cub’s games were available to anyone interested (and there weren’t many at first) viewers across the country who wanted to tune in. WGN was a nationally broadcast network much like NBC, CBS and ABC at the time. Eventually, the “loveable losers” were the underdog of many thousands of myriad individuals around the United States due to the coast-to-coast access to their games. The power of the “old media” one-to-many communication model is exemplified beautifully in the WGN/Chicago Cubs broadcasting relationship.

Fast-forward to tonight’s game four of the NLDS (I am writing this blog as of Wednesday, October 21, 2015)…

I expect my Cubbies to pull out game five and go on to win the next three games then the series which will position them to participate in the World Series after 107 years of being shut out of that contest. Impossible you say—at the least, improbable you say—but that is the power of my dedication to the team. In part, most of the fans around the country have been following “our team” and have been bleeding Cubbie blue for as many decades as they have been losing.

If they lose tonight, rest assured, as my long-suffering comrades and I have been consoling ourselves with for many years, “there’s always next year.”

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