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An Inconvenient Reality—The Super Bowl

These are the top 10 most-viewed Super Bowl ads on YouTube, according to Google:

1. Hyundai - The Chase

2. Pokémon - #Pokemon20

3. Mini - #DefyLabels

4. Hyundai - First Date

5. Mountain Dew - Mtn Dew Kickstart (Puppymonkeybaby)

6. Axe - Find Your Magic

7. Hyundai - Ryanville

8. Doritos - Ultrasound

9. Snickers - Marilyn

10. Doritos - Doritos Dogs

The Super Bowl…need I say more. After the 1985 Chicago Bears win, I was hooked into watching this extravaganza every year and apparently so was most of the world. As a media event it has no equal except perhaps for some kind of terrorist attack. With that said (and please note to take these comments with a bit o’ the blarney – hey no foul, St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner.)

In any case, we know that some of us watch the Super Bowl for the game and some of us watch for the commercials. This strange twist—that the commercials are as interesting as the game—can be construed to mean a lot of things. Social and human behavior theorists are having a heyday making sense of why…gender-gap perhaps, hmmm. For a review of the 50 or so ads during the 2016 Super Bowl broadcast see

But in all this hoopla, I found that I liked the sheep singing Queen to be my favorite and the Doritos commercial to be my least. Having had a few babies, and getting no medication in the process, I am leery of anyone making fun of that. You might respond with, “Have a sense of humor—will you?” Interestingly there is a wonderful book published by Dr. Maura Cullen (2008) that addresses this type of dismissing statement—it seems to be actually saying “shut-up” and a total dismissal of the sender’s feelings (35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say: Surprising Things We Say That Widen the Diversity Gap). In other words, you aren’t listening to her…

So, what about the Dorito’s ad? Well, one could argue that its sub-textual message is a minimizing of all the issues associated with Planned Parenthood, pro-choice and pro-life issues in exchange for profit. How can we be so callous?

FOX News


As a testament to the biased nature of our so-called “news” outlets FOX chose to look at the commercial as a political issue while CNN viewed it as an economic issue, “Doritos was in a distant second in terms of social media mentions, with just over a quarter million” (CNN website, 2016). My response is to give you a taste of how FOX News and CNN covered the Dorito commercial controversy and let you develop your own opinion. The lesson here—Be an INFORMED citizen and THEN develop your opinions based on unbiased research NOT broadcast media, my friends.

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