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A Plan Please!

The basis of “learning to succeed” is to FIRST have a plan. What I mean by this—is that our leaders, particularly politicians, tend to tell us that “they have a plan.” But do they…really? In terms of students, individuals work to become more professional as they mature into their university curriculum, and at this point planning is vital: one’s curriculum, one’s personal life, and one’s future. Yet, I see a governmental administration and congress that is making decisions based on nonexistent plans. Or if they have plans then they change daily, which is really not a plan at all. (I am not sure what that is except for possibly foolish…)

Organization is the lynchpin of purposeful outcome—I mean if you don’t have a plan in the huddle then the players are clueless as to how to score, right? In addition, consistency in one’s plan would be important as well. So, if you had a play but no overarching scheme you can convey to fellow players, then you’d probably lose the game too.

My point in discussing this, stems from a continual source of frustration. Why do individuals, organizations or even governments neglect to make solid plans? Isn’t that the first step…isn’t that how we can accumulate followers…isn’t that how we get things done? Here’s an idea—how about we gather the most intelligent thinkers in one particular field, (or reference their work), cogitate our options based on this research, and then disseminate that information to salient organizations BEFORE we act.

That seems like a good plan.

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