Student Work


We are, justifiably, proud of our current students' and alumni work. At the right, you can view portfolios of work from recent graduates. Below, check out some projects-in-progress from current students as well as quick links to the media club outlets which are entirely student run and funded.

Student Portfolios

All CMMA students create an electronic portfolio of their work. It’s an invaluable tool when beginning your career.

Take a moment to look through some of our recent students' portfolio samples.

NOTE: These portfolios only contain a few samples from student's full portfolio.

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Student Clubs

USF-TV, 88.7 The Edge and The Encounter are student-funded and student-managed media clubs. Everything, from the half-hour television news program Exploring Joliet to the community-favorite Spirit of Christmas radio programming, is produced by CMMA students and faculty.

  • Write an article or shoot photos for the Encounter News Magazine
  • Fill an air shift on our FM radio station 88.7 The Edge
  • Create graphics for a television or video production
  • Produce on-location video news stories
  • Design websites for the community and real world projects

The equipment is here, faculty and student supervision and training are available. If a student wants to create, we give them the tools and opportunity.

Media Clubs:

Student Projects

CMMA students work on a variety of interesting projects throughout the semester. Student Projects includes works-in-progress, samples, projects and other assorted bits and pieces from current CMMA students.
Click on the link below to get a closer look!

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