Sarah T


July 25, 2012

I just wanted to thank you.

I know I haven't graduated yet, so it's a little early, but I have spent this summer becoming the teaching disciple for the idea of "Convergence." I know you and other professors have preached this doctrine since the day I stepped through the door, but this summer has really, truly, run it home for me. Also, thank you for teaching both the programs and the principles behind them. By teaching the design dynamic, you have made me not just a one-trick horse. I am capable of so much more than just using the Adobe Suite. I am capable of adapting those same skills to whatever program Cat throws at me. And trust me, I was not expecting what I found! All of the skills I learned in InDesign I have had to apply to programs like Microsoft Publisher. I never opened adobe Premiere before I came here, but it was the program I was expected to use to video edit. I found that the dynamics were the same. I was able to open the program, and after a bit of time familiarizing myself with it, run it. Every compatibility issue I had to fight through with Mac Vs PC at school I have used to troubleshoot here. Every scrap of knowledge you, the other professors, and the amazing adjuncts you have hired has literally been tapped.

I have used special effects, animation, and video editing to create in-house ad campaigns for events and fund-raisers.
I have used web-editing and HTML to troubleshoot problems going on in the IMOD (a multinational division my plant belongs to) web systems.
I have used design and layout in the weekly newsletters we publish.
I have written so much content, I have it pouring out of my ears.
I have taught basic skills in video editing.
I will be teaching grid design, photoshop, and Adobe Premiere to communicators within the next three weeks.
And I sound intelligent and calm on conference calls because (Surprise!) radio skills actually translate to making other people listen to you.
Meanwhile, I have been competing with interns from a variety of other schools placed elsewhere within Cat. Having met them, and having seen what they are prepared to handle, I thank whatever divine providence sent me to USF. Because I have learned so much more than I thought I had.
Thank you to you and all the other professors.
Just goes to show that even when we fight you tooth and nail to learn something, it really does stick!

Sarah T.

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