Steve L


Sent Thursday - January 5, 2012 10:15 PM


Hope you have enjoyed your holiday break and are well rested.  I just wanted to send you a quick message that I have been offered and accepted a job at Primus Electronics, where I have been interning.  I am part of the Marketing Department and I help design advertisements and help maintain customer relations.  I was really ambivalent about leaving my job at the library, where I had been for almost ten years now.  The job at Primus offers a competitive salary, benefits and profit sharing, so I had to bite the bullet and put in my two weeks' notice.  I will begin full-time employment on January 16 and I am eager to try something new like this.  I will find some time to come in and chat this semester, as I miss you all very much.  I don't think that there is a day that goes by without a good memory from my Mass Comm family :)


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