Mr. Brien McHugh

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Mr. Brien McHugh
Department Chair, Professor of Mass Communication
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+1 (815) 740-3683

My Blog Posts

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My Courses

Titlesort descending Department Code Credits Degree Program Type
Web Page Design CMMA 318 3 hour(s) Core, Undefined (Electives) Required
Writing Across the Media I CMMA 213 3 hour(s) Core Required
Writing Across the Media III CMMA 313 3 hour(s) Public Relations/Advertising/Journalism, Undefined (Electives) Elective

Random Feature

“Participate and stay active within the CMMA Department. A student who fulfills their department hours is more likely to receive a recommendation letter later on.” – Prof. Lorenc

Professor Recommended

“Take advantage of internship opportunities. They are great resume builders and offer experiences that one cannot gain in the classroom alone.” – Dr. Marshall