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Calling all Journ/MCOM/CMMA Alumni

Shout OutIf social media and web content creation duties have been thrust upon you at work, have we got a free workshop for you!

You may have seen this information on the CMMA Facebook page or my LinkedIn page. One of the lessons you can learn from our upcoming SEO/Web Content creation workshop is that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Take content that you’ve already written and re-purpose it for different social media platforms.

Nate Schoell, '10, Lead SEO Specialist at Dealer Inspire and Ashley Kekelik Schoell, '10, Website Optimization Specialist at Dealer Inspire, will lead us through the ins and outs, dos and dont's and likes and dislikes of website Search Engine Optimization and social media content generation. This workshop is especially relevant to graduates who have inherited the web and social functions at your organization.

Even if you don’t have any web or social media duties at the moment…trust me, you will. And it’s not like social media is going anywhere anytime soon. It will be with us, in some form or another, forever. Or at least until Google takes over the world and decides that social media isn’t good for us anymore. Then, only God knows what evil we will be faced with.

Workshop space is limited. RSVP to Presented by Mass Communication Alumni Network and CMMA.

Nate and Ashley have graciously agreed to lead us through this free workshop. You would be wise to take advantage of the opportunity because, you know, like, that’d be great.

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