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Don Burke and the Spirit of Christmas


Once again, It’s time to “give it up” for Don Burke, the producer of the immensely popular Spirit of Christmas programming on your university radio station WCSF-FM. This season, Christmas music and special programs rang out of your radio and your computer (of course it’s online, too) from Thanksgiving through noon today, January 3. Don was heavily involved every step of the way. From recording announcements of upcoming special programming to the “Christmas in our town” Sunday night all-request show; from broadcasting the Light up the Holidays parade in downtown Joliet to an extra day of programming because of the 'observed' New Years Day holiday, Don spent most of his waking hours living and breathing the Spirit of Christmas on 88.7 FM. And, in the process raised over $20,000 in sponsorship money used to support the educational initiatives of WCSF.

As usual, the listener response has been overwhelmingly positive. We even got a mention in the Chicago Tribune Opinion pages. (See the attachment.)

This season was the 29th anniversary of the program and the 24th year that Don has been at the helm. Next year should be a doozy! We are all indebted to Don and his dedication to the university and the true spirit of Christmas. Thank you Don….you’re the best!

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