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First of all, please join me in congratulating Don Burke on another great Spirit of Christmas season. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It just isn’t Christmas without Hardrock, Coco and (wait for it) Joe.

You might have noticed that we’ve been experimenting with a bit of new technology here during the Spirit of Christmas programming on WCSF. (To be honest, Don Burke, Anthony Musiala and Andrew Finein have been experimenting….I’ve just been drinking it all in, agape.)

Our new technology is a toy called MeVo and it is used for live-streaming video and audio to facebook live or vimeo or several other streaming platforms. It is really quite remarkable. It is a camera/microphone combo, along with a battery pack and wi-fi capability that allows you to set up and stream in a matter of seconds. MeVo is app-controlled (of course) with the ability to auto-detect when someone in the frame is talking and zoom in on him or her. Or, the person doing the streaming can zoom in or out, program set shots and direct the production as you would with cameras and a video switcher.

And that’s the really remarkable characteristic….the processing power and image quality that would have cost you two arms and two legs 20 years ago now costs a fraction of that. Distribution? Hah, just log in to your facebook page, click a couple of connection settings on the MeVo app and you’re in business, streaming to millions of people hanging on your every word.  Click here to see the MeVo in action as Andrew Finein streams his Christmas request show over the Spirit of Christmas facebook page.

So the question is, “Do we really need to see 3+ hours of Andrew talking amidst a bevy of Christmas lights?” Or 3+ hours of anyone doing anything?  Some would answer, “yes!” Seeing is believing.

Tune in next week and you can watch me drink coffee and shuffle papers. For three hours. Guaranteed to be a great show!

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