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I have two kids in my freshman Foundations 1 class who are from England. Last Friday, while we were all out on a service project, I met some other freshman students from Spain and Australia. Two other students, from Spain and Australia, are CMMA majors. Walking through the hallway the other day, our international program director introduced me to several students from China.

My rambling point is; How did all of these kids end up at little ol’ St. Francis in little ol’ Joliet, Illinois.

One answer is sports team recruitment. The soccer coach has contacts. The tennis coach has contacts. The cross country coach has contacts. I used to wonder how the football team got players from Florida and California to come to USF. Now we get players from Sweden and the Czech Republic.

But the Chinese students aren’t sports recruits. They are true international students, coming here to study in the US and recruited by our international programs department.

I also think there is a little word-of-mouth happening. St. Francis has excellent programs, excellent sports teams, a nurturing atmosphere and proximity to a large international airport and a large world-class city. In short, li’l ol’ St. Francis is in the “Goldilocks” neighborhood: Not too big, and not too small. Not too near, but not too far. And Joe’s Hot Dogs taste much better than porridge.

Okay world, “Welcome to Joliet! We're glad you're here."

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