How do they do that?

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How does Angelina Jolie get wings in "Maleficent?" How did Helen Bonham Carter get the big head and tiny body in Alice in Wonderland?" How does Hollywood do that? They call Carey Villegas.

This is just a little plug for a great event coming to USF on Monday at 7 p.m. in the Sexton auditorium…Movie Madness with Carey Villegas and Jeff Hicks

Carey is a USF alum, class of '93 and is an Oscar-nominated visual effects specialist. His most recent work was as Senior Visual Effects Supervisor on the Disney/Angelina Jolie film "Maleficent." Many thought he should be nominated for an Oscar for that work but his Oscar nomination came for similar work on the 2010 Tim Burton Film "Alice In Wonderland." Check out Carey's incredible body of work on IMDB, the Internet Movie Database.

Carey will speak about the movie business, of course, and show some amazing footage from “Maleficent” but he will also talk about his early schooling and career choices that brought him to where he is today. Sound like a story you might want to hear?

Jeff Hicks ‘08 will also speak at this free event. Jeff will talk about his love of sports and writing and how it’s led him to 120 Sports, a first-of-its-kind network partnership involving multiple leagues and media properties created for the digital generation and the devices it uses most. Visit 120 Sports, here

Space is limited so please RSVP with your name and email address to find out how they do that.

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