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While doing a little research on millenials, I came across an opinion piece in The Daily Dot, an online newsmagazine, that quoted a report from The Independent, a newspaper from the UK. According to the report most British millennials don’t feel that they are adults, on average, until the age of 29. Parents, I’m going to let that sink in for a little bit……..

While reading the report I fell victim to one of those bacon-flavored YouTube/BuzzFeed come-ons: “Things you said 10 years ago that make 0 sense today.” I had to click.

What is amazing is the speed at which things, that used to be important, are now becoming just a punch line:


“I’ll have a MySpace forever.”

“I’m really jealous of your pink Razr.”

“Right now I have Cingular but I’m worried about my minutes.”

“What channel is the TV guide channel”

“I really want to get an Evanescence CD at Circuit City.”Image result for circuit city


In one of my previous professional incarnations I read the business book Good to Great by Jim Collins. The book came out in 2001 and Circuit City was mentioned as a company to emulate. By 2007, Circuit City was in a death spiral. Things do change rather quickly, don’t they. The final “Thing you said 10 years ago that makes 0 sense today” really hits home for me.

(Play this, while you read the last line)

“Hey, can you get off the phone, I’m trying to use the Internet!” 

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