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Regular readers of this blog (all 2 of you) know that I sometimes poke fun at the world in general and my colleagues in particular. This time, I have nothing but praise for my colleague – wait for it – DOCTOR Terre Layng Rosner.

Caricature drawn by Lauren HoffmanYesterday, October 4, she successfully defended her doctoral dissertation in front of a group of meanies whose sole purpose was to make her life miserable. (Author’s note – I just made that up. I’m sure the group of meanies also made other people’s lives miserable.)

In all seriousness, the process of attaining a Ph.D. is (and should be) a grueling one. Hours of classroom study, even more hours of agonizing over a research question, designing the research, collecting data, analysis…..and then, writing the damn thing.

…and then editing the damn thing. And then re-writing the damn thing. The culmination is a two-hour beat-down by a committee who criticizes everything from the size of the margins on the page to the serifs (or lack of serifs) on the typeface.

And through it all, she persevered.

So it is with great pride that the Communication and Media Arts department of the University of St. Francis welcomes Doctor Terre Layng Rosner. Well done!

My sagest advice to you, Terre, is to realize that everyone is now going to try to pull a “Doctor” joke on you. So when people say to you, “Doctor? Wow, that’s great! Can you help me with a pain I get when I bend my knee like that?” HaHaHaHa…..

Just say, as the great Henny Youngman said, “Sure. My advice is to don’t do that.”

 And then submit a bill for $600 to an insurance company. You’re a doctor, right?

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