It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Election

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Let’s explore this “madness” by addressing what is happening in our political environment, shall we? In an article about civil discourse titled, “War of Words,” American Association of University Women, editor and design firm project manager, Elizabeth Bolton states “Incivility can result in less trust in our political system, more polarization, and elimination of bipartisan compromise” (2016, p.17). So, basically our candidates (namely, a majority of those who ran for president this election cycle) are making our governmental structures weaker and less effective by their rhetoric on the campaign trail. Simply they are not serving us. However, there are plenty of elected officials of each political flavor who are actually serving their constituents honestly and with integrity. But those are not the kind of public servants who get our attention. (We shouldn’t blanketly blame the media because as consumers we make choices about what we consume—let’s take some responsibility here…)  

Frankly, the Republican nominee takes me aback. It doesn’t take a politifile to understand that this candidate is building a bridge to nowhere except to his own gratification. What is supposed to happen after the election? Aren’t our representatives supposed to embody the best of us? I contend that “implicit dominance” is in play. Barging in on young girls and women at pageants while they are dressing (i.e. vulnerable), sexually harassing women in his employ and sexually abusing women at will is the manifestation of his demonstrating implicit dominance. It’s about power and whom we give it and who abuses it. Many candidates (sometimes by necessity) but in particular the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2016, tend to be narcissistic but this one, this one is beyond the pale. Donald Trump’s offensive words and actions over his adult life, are not abhorrent only as a matter of protecting women and girls but as a global matter of fairness and equality for all of us—BAM.


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Unfortunately, though, Terre, the voters didn't care. That, for me, is the most ominous aspect of this whole election.

By the way, I didn't know about this blog until today! (Jan. 5, 2017).

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