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Looking Forward and Back

20221979                                                                            Looking Forward








The big date has been approaching for 43 years--my retirement date is scheduled for May 7th 2022.  It has been a wonderful journey serving the University of St. Francis for all these years.  I remember how excited I was in 1978 to be granted a visiting professorship at the College of St. Francis.  I’m deeply grateful for the many opportunities to serve the University in the classroom, on committees and participating in community service projects.

Together, we have overcome a number of challenges including:

  • securing an FM educational license
  • remodeling the WCSF 88.7 FM Radio & USF-TV studios
  • securing funding and approval for production equipment
  • producing numerous radio/tv programs that enhance the learning of students and help them build quality portfolios

My fondest memories include:

  • teaching 29 different courses, especially speech & production courses
  • working with my colleagues to offer an effective Freshman Experience Core I Program
  • running a high school basketball tournament to help purchase equipment
  • conference presentations with my department colleagues
  • helping my students develop leadership skills and learn how to help their groups become more productive
  • and most of all seeing my students reach their potential


Through the years, my main goal was to make a positive difference in the lives of my students and the University.  And I have been recognized for my efforts in the following ways:

  • Special and Salutary Achievement Award for the establishment of an educational FM station
  • Outstanding and Commendable Achievement Award for excellence in teaching/media production
  • Citation from the City of Joliet for helping students produce the University’s cable television program, “Exploring Joliet”
  • Who’s Who in Collegiate Faculty Montclair’s Publishing
  • Videographer Awards of Distinction &  Excellence
  • Distinguished Teaching Faculty recipient          

I realize that none of these forms of recognition would have been possible without the  exceptional dedicated students and alums who were committed to serving others in the classroom, campus clubs and the local community.

I did what was mine to do and now it is time to let go.  My hope is that my colleagues and students continue to build upon the legacy of the Joliet Franciscan Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate by making a difference in the classroom, community and beyond.  Remember, we are their legacy, so take advantage of your opportunities to serve others and make our world a better place.  Peace be with you all.

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