The media are changing at an unbelievably rapid pace. Our concepts about what constitutes “mass” media are changing, too. Digital media, wikis, video sharing, podcasts, blogs, and social media are changing the way we communicate individually, in small groups and “enmasse.” These new media have drastically affected more traditional mass communication specialties such as advertising, public relations, journalism and broadcasting. The theories of how we communicate are still valid. It’s the wide variety of new communication channels and new, powerful and inexpensive tools that has altered the Mass Communication industry.

To maintain a competitive edge in these fields, it is critical to have the formal training and the hands-on experience that employers now demand. The Communication and Media Arts faculty at USF combine a wealth of professional experience with a passion for the material to sculpt the theories and abstractions into concrete lessons. Whichever specializations you choose, you will understand how and why communication theory affects the nuts and bolts of mass media production.

You may view our entire curriculum on the USF Curriculum page.

FALL 2017 TRANSFER & FRESHMAN STUDENTS: Because we believe so stongly about the convergence of media we have have spent the last year revising our curriculum to better reflect the media industry landscape. Our revision broadens the core set of skills that all of our students will possess while still allowing them to focus on a particular area of interest.

Click here for a quick guide to our new curriculum which became effective in the Fall 2017 semester for all new CMMA majors.

Every Communication and Media Arts student takes these required core courses (30 semester hours):

CMMA 101 Concepts of Communication
CMMA 103 Intro to Comm & Media Arts
CMMA 122 Digital Photography
CMMA 142 Speech Communication
CMMA 213 Writing Across the Media I
CMMA 251 Multimedia Arts I
CMMA 318 Web Page Design
CMMA 325 2-D Animation
CMMA 460 Ethics of Mass Communication
CMMA 470 Law & Regulation of Mass Communication
CMMA 485 Mass Communication Portfolio

If communicating via the written -or typed - word is what you love then a concentration in Public Relations/Advertising/Journalism might be for you (27 semester hours).

CMMA 201 Principles of Public Relations
CMMA 214 Writing Across the Media II
CMMA 301 PR Case Studies and Practices
CMMA 313 Writing Across the Media III
CMMA 414 Newspaper Management
CMMA 475 Nonprofit Advertising and Communication
CMMA 493 Applied Public Relations Techniques (1-6 Hours)
MKTG 175 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 275 Advertising and Promotion

If images, sound, animations and graphics are more your style, then a concentration in Media Arts and Broadcast might be in your future (30 Semester Hours).

CMMA 222 Digital Photography Editing
CMMA 235 Introduction to Radio
CMMA 236 Audio Production
CMMA 237 Introduction Video Production
CMMA 239 Video Production: Studio and Field
CMMA 335 Web Publishing and Platforms
CMMA 337 Video Editing
CMMA 351 Multimedia Arts II

MAB Students must also take two of the following three courses:

CMMA 412 Radio Management
CMMA 413 Television Management
CMMA 415 Media Arts Management