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social media

I Don’t Facebook

I don’t Facebook. Yes, you read that right; I don’t FB. You might ask, why not Professor Rosner, all my friends and relatives do? The answer is not easily explained. For instance, I would FB if there was a modicum of privacy but there simply isn’t. I did FB for a while but some of the people I was mostly interested in “Facebooking” with didn’t want to FB me (namely my high school and college age sons). I sort of understand their reticence connecting on social media with their mother but I was somewhat taken aback when they explained that they needed THEIR privacy.

"Addictive" Marketing

Do we live on the web? Are we addicted to social media? Recently I was reading an article in Wired Magazine about “addictive” marketing. We all know about old school addictive marketing—cigarettes, beer, weed (Yes, pot was legal at one time in the entire U.S. If you don’t believe me—Google it.) But this article was about wildly successful psychological “hooks” employed to get users to figuratively have to come back to the site. I just didn’t believe this entirely until I started playing the Trivia Crack App with my son over our holiday break.

Conten-tainers? Publi-forms?

I need some help here.

We’re reviewing curriculum here in the CMMA department; specifically our web page and web site classes. We don’t do a lot of coding in these classes…just enough to get CMMA students familiar with HTML. We concentrate more on the look and feel of a web page/website and leave the heavy lifting to the computer science/web development folks.

My Share of the Bill

As the new school year approaches, I am contemplating social media. Notice I say, “contemplating” not using social media. As I watch everyone around me in every public place imaginable, I see them glued to their mobile devices…it used to be exclusively digital phones but now I see the iPad and iPad minis all over just as frequently.