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About CMMA

Welcome to the Communication and Media Arts Department of the University of St. Francis.

We know that a CMMA degree from USF arms our graduates with big-picture theory and a flexible, useful set of skills transferrable to any industry.  For more of our rant on convergence, go here.

We have completely renovated the WCSF FM Radio Station!  Please browse our online gallery to see the demo and reno pictures.

Feel free to wander around the CMMA department to see where you fit in. Click Here for a brief video of the Journalism/MCOM/CMMA 40th Anniversary Celebration on September 24, 2016.

Communication and Media Arts Department Program Outcomes. (rev. Sp. 2017)

1. Convergence and Media Literacy outcome:  Understand the concepts, theories and processes about human mediated communication and the connection between its various modes and types;

·       Learning Objective 1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts and theories of all human communication processes.

Learning Objective 2. Students will understand and utilize appropriate principles of public speaking and oral communication,

Learning Objective 3. Students will demonstrate effective argumentation and writing for multimedia.


2. Media History and Multicultural Learning outcome:  Understand the evolution of human mediated communication and related practices in the context of historical, economic, political and cultural influences;

·       Learning Objective 1. Address the need of human mediated communication and in what contexts

·       Learning Objective 2. Create persuasive and informative campaigns and their constituent components, audio and video materials, web sites, still and animated graphics, and/or multimedia platforms.


3. Media Research outcome:  Describe, analyze and evaluate human mediated communication messages and stakeholders as audience and/or consumer;

·       Learning Objective 1. Identify the key publics (audiences) of an organization and understand the importance and role of public relations in helping organizations communicate messages to a variety of different publics


4. Law and Ethics Learning outcome:  Exhibit professional, legal and ethical conduct in the research, strategy/planning and execution of personal and commercial communication;

·       Learning Objective 1. Be able to understand relevant ethical and legal standards at all levels of communication behavior.


5. Media Practice outcome: Conceptualize and produce content in a variety of media for a variety of audiences.

·       Learning Objective 1. Be able to apply the above theories to the traditional mass communication practices of informing, entertaining and persuading

·       Learning Objective 2. Produce, construct and evaluate effective and appropriate media messages based on professional and technical guidelines for each medium and conventions of modern industry practice

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